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I suppose it’s a good idea in some sort of respect, but it’s essentially a landfill of gradients. is a place where people who need something designed can set up a contest and have people submit designs in hopes to win prize money. The amount of the prize money is set by the contest holder and the contest is also judged by the contest holder. That’s where things get dicked in the face. You have people who don’t know anything about design judging design. At the same time, said ‘prize money’ is so low that the people making submissions don’t know anything about design. So somebody wins and now there’s a shit logo floating around in the world somewhere. I will admit that I have seen some good things in there and I will also admit that I have made submissions a few times. I just don’t get how these contest holders can look at what’s being submitted to them and not think, “fuck. why don’t I just save myself $200 and make my own logo”

These are some winning logos (that last one hasn’t won yet, but it’s the highest rated in it’s contest). And it’s not just logos being designed. If , for some reason, you’re dying for more; peep the link