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The space could be used MUCH better

Reading up on this, I found that there’s a heap of kids that have the same view. The only reason that people seem to want to keep or use cemeteries is because of religious reasons or the need for a visual end to provide some sort of emotional closure. Both of those reasons are just in your head anyway. The fact is: that person is long gone and they’re not going to be be any more or less important to you if you spend thousands of dollars putting them in a hole or if their body goes to science or even just spreading their ashes somewhere neat.

The space could be used for a park, or trails, or a school. Those are just three things that tons of people get use out of all the time! I’ve never gone by a cemetary and thought, ‘damn, that place is busy’ they’re usually empty with maybe a drifter wandering through not really going to any use at all. That drifter wouldn’t be so lonely if he had people around him biking through trails or drinking on the big toy.

The money spent on putting some kids in the dirt could be spent on tuition or food. Save the dough for your damn kid who’s alive with potential and probably likes to hit up the park every so often and go to school.

It looks as though that some cemeteries are maintained by funds collectied via a cemetery taxing district where a portion of a resident’s property tax goes towards the cemetery if they’re within the proximity…… lame.

I actually can’t really think of a practical reason for a cemetery.

peep these links on how expensive dirt pods are and learn that there is no design in the afterlife. Then a story about how a school and turtles are frustrating Provincetown Cemetery