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I’m totally cool with the idea of voicing your opinions and expressing your thoughts, but not like this.It’s not that I think he’s wrong or right, it’s just the avenue which he’s making known his opinion. This kid is just shouting and shouting and it’s not even positive shouting. It’s not like, “Huspaz! I like being alive and chocolate chip cookies!” He’s just complaining about shit, which I suppose is boarder-line what ‘not boss’ is, but this kid’s just straight up negative city. Nonstop fast talk bitching doesn’t make me want to stop and listen, but perhaps I’m simply not in his demographic.

I submit that someone make a-.. wait… fuck it. I’ll just make a positive ‘What’s Next’ myself

and if you’re dying to see more by this kid you can hit his youtube page where you’ll learn he’s also on the radio