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Non Format

Set up shop at two corners and take the globe.

Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss make up Non- format, a design firm bases out of Norway and the United States. The number one thing that gets me about these guys is their typography. I’ve yet to see type that really captures me the way this type does. Exploding liquid balls can be letters too. It’s just so visually rich, my eyes want to hump it all day.

They set up in 2000 and now have a huge client list as well as a damn book. I keep seeing firms and even blogs coming out with books. Is that a sort of ‘right of passage?’ Should I be making posts thinking about how they would  fit in the Boss not Boss book? It would probably have to go with the horizontal style of the site, which would take the idea of a book format and trump it with a scroll and you wouldn’t have to worry about signatures and creeps. Plus it would be a pop-up scroll because that would probably be dope. It’s one damn piece of paper that happens to be the length of several football fields.

Anyway: peep their site and their type and their book. Then send me a copy of what you were surely inspired to do

Non formatNon format