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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a scat muncher!

Glenn Beck’s fear mongering, liberal bashing, and illogical rants are (in my opinion) crafted to advance the Fox New neo-conservative agenda and further his own career, and nothing else.  Programs such as Glenn Beck’s are (by Fox’s definition) NOT news, they are purely opinions and entertainment.  OK, that is fine, except they are presented as news and that is how they are often interpreted.  So here is the deal, I can’t say that I always disagree with Beck, from time to time he says stuff that isn’t total garbage.

But watch a few clips from his nightly turd fest and you will see: his arguments lack facts and logic, he consistently bashes any form of liberalism and relates them to communist, fascist, socialists, etc, he distorts everything to fit the neo-con agenda, and he presents all of this with a fake ass acting persona that makes you so want to agree with everything he says. Please don’t, he’s full of shit.

See Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rip him apart:
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