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Advertising Methods

here’s a hand full of different ways you can use the nearest proletariat to get your company’s name out into the world!

This isn’t about how the general idea of advertising is not boss because advertising can be a very important part of making a business successful and it holds a lot of potential which is why I’m always surprised to see the awful ways some people go about it. There are some great examples of creative advertising like this and that, but it seems like some companies don’t even try and the worst is when regular people have to be thrown into the mix like when you rent some segway and there’s a fat ad for tampons on the front of it. Although I suppose it’s a fitting punishment for renting a segway in the first place, but you know what I’m saying. In some instances I suppose you could argue that you’re making jobs for people and how important that is, but does it really have to be like this?