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Tony Matelli

I can’t decide if Tony is one of those artists where I’m like ‘so simple and so good!’ or if it’s just like ‘that’s art?’ What do you think?

Born and Chicago and having made his way to New York, Tony seems to be catching everybody’s eye. If you do a itsy bitsy bit of research you’ll learn that he mostly works in bronze. what! There’s also hair, steal, fiberglass, and a heap of other things, but when I saw that the cards and plants were painted bronze I was amazed. Partially because I realized that he had to hand paint all those cards and plants, and partially because I thought “he has all this time and THAT’S what he did?” I suppose it did earn him a ‘boss’ post which is truely the MO for all artists, right?

He’s got a lot of stuff you can check out here, so be sure to swing by