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Water Organ

Nikola Bašić, the lead architect for the update of the Zadar, Croatia harbor, put this little piece of marvelous into action.

It’s a pipe organ built into the promenade in the Zadar harbor. The cement steps have varying lengths of pipe carved into them that are capped by the sea. The waves naturally push air through the tubes making this glorious sound that’s something of a combination of didgeridoo and nose flute.

Since, obviously, there’s no control over which pipes play when, the steps are arranged in 7 sections, 10meters long each, with 5 pipes per section tuned to a chord. So, in any one of the 7 sections, the pipes play an assortment of notes from within a 5-note chord. Bummer that this is Nikola BaÅ¡ić’s essential claim to fame, because if he had other ideas, I’m inclined to think they would be the best. Check it.