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Alexandro Vasmoulakis

I have been getting back into thinking about graff a lot so I wanted to see what’s good. Then I found this kid’s stuff. PEEP IT!

This kid runs around in Greece and just does huge dope paintings (usually) on buildings! I’m really impressed at how people can work at such a huge scale and still make it look as good as it does. It’s really too bad that there isn’t someone like that around here to make all our days a little better. How great would that be if you’re just chillin on the bus, waiting to get to class, then there’s this amazing painting going by? I’d love to say that you should go out and rak some cans and spray your brain on a wall, but that’s illegal. I’d love to justify it by saying that you should do it to combat the shit advertising all over, but it’s still illegal. Besides, think of all the geriatrics who would get upset

Peep more work of Alexandro here and show some love