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Duane Keiser

“Oh my god! You HAVE to come look at these, they’re freakin’ awesome!” was my introduction to Duane Keiser’s work. more post hump

Duane Keiser has been running the blog, a painting a day, for several years and it’s just about as dope as it sounds. Almost everyday he puts up some amazing painting of some everyday object except the way he seems to capture it simply makes my jaw hit the floor. Not until I saw his work had I yelled: “that peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks AMAZING!!”

Duane kicks it big easy in Virginia and I was quite surprised to learn that he’d been practicing Shotokan for over 20 years. He says the discipline learned through Shotokan easily translates into discipline in painting.

He sells through ebay, cutting out the middle man of the galleries. His blog and marketing strategy has earned him great recognition and I suggest you show him some love