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Angora Napkin

You may remember a boss post that I did about a year ago on Nick Cross and in that post I mention his pilot for Angora Napkin. Well it’s finally online for the entire world to see and love!

This had me crackin’ up, and I hardly ever lol alone. It looks like everyone that watches it desperately wants it to get picked up and continue to fill our hearts with warm hugs and gentle affection and why shouldn’t they? This is one of the best cartoons I have seen in a long time along with Adventure Time and Flapjack.

The timing, characters, crude humor, and wildly refreshing gesticulations brings a wind of promise that there will always be amazing cartoons to be found even as I get older. and HELLO! It features Cub.

I truly anticipate the greatest gift my unborn child will bestow upon me will be the service as an additional pair of peepers scanning the world for great cartoons…. until he gets older and only wants to hang out with his stupid girlfriend ….bitch