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Café Allongé

Easily one of the best animations in the entire world. The story of a kid chillin’ in a café until some dime glides in and he thinks of all the ways he should go about approaching her. Something that I’m sure we can all relate to. If I made an animation of every time I went through this I would have several amazing animations daily.

The mix of 3d and the manga style animation is smooth as ice in this bit and ought to remind us all why animation is awesome in the first place.

Café Allongé was brought to life by Kawanimation and Agence de Création Sonore. the Agence de Création Sonore site is totally whevs but definitely  check out the Kawanimation site for their other work. It’s totally french and totally flash, but still worth a look!

ps. Did this video remind anyone else of ‘A Kid’s Story‘ ?