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This is one of the greatest things that I have ever seen. 360º video except for that little blind spot. I ‘did’ this video about five times just to make sure I was able to see everything. You can even pause it and keep panning around in the freeze frame, WHAAAA!

Could you imagine a web cam like this? you’d have to wear a damn pyramid thing with the cameras pointing in at your dome. It would be so distracting to be able to rotate around somebody’s head while you’re talking to them that you’d never be able to pay attention to what they’re talking about.

Or put it over a baby so people can see your dumb kid in 360º as if an ugly baby photo wasn’t enough. ebay with what you’re selling, cram your junk inside if you’re on chat roulette, sculptures, cats, a sandwich. Essentially any noun you’d be able to transmit an it’s-like-I’m-actually-there experience.

what would you do with it?