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The idea of building a castle of humans, or castell, started in the late 18th century in Catalonia. It seems like such a strange thing to get so big, but at the same time the amount of strength, balance, and strategy required to successfully build and dismantle one of these bad boys is on a level beyond admirable. I can’t believe that kids get in on this too! I mean it makes sense since they’re so light and naive, but damn. I guess if you’re already using children, why not kick it up a bit and use babies. I suspect that you’d be able to achieve another two or three levels if your team started passing up babies to top off the tower.

Clearly this is very dangerous and I highly recommend it. Just get a few friends, strangers, parents, executives, and new borns together, then have at it. Just make sure you all remember to wear your faixa as it will greatly aid in your construction. If you do actually attempt a castell, you should take a pic of it and I’ll throw it on BNB inside this post and you’ll be famous!