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Anthony F Schepperd

Not the British atronomer, but, as he refers to himself, the ‘manimator.’

So long as you know something is going to be absolutely amazing in the end, buckle down and hammer it out. Anthony’s work is such a breath of fresh air. It’s awesome to see someone taking advantage of the potential of animation. Letting imagination grab the wheel and not worrying about pesky real world physics or a sense of ‘correct.’

There slowly seems to be a rising up of looping animation which I have become a HUGE fan of! I am not talking about walk cycles. I am talking about crazy faces morphing into junk and then to other junk, then back to that initial face. I’m talking about dancing vector creatures chillin’ in a city just minding their own business caught in a limbo of loop (you know what I’m talking about).

He also has a collection of paintings and drawing that are well worth a smooth look at.

I hope Anthony’s work inspires you to bend reality and to create something amazing. Wouldn’t you like to see what Anthony’s brain would come up with if he was in industrial design?