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Black Cab Sessions

The Black Cab Sessions folks take musicians on a taxi joy ride for a few minutes and during this brief period they film them performing a song. Their motto is one song, one take, one cab.

They have great performances from a lot of the indie musicians you might expect from a music blog (Grizzly Bear, Flaming Lips, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, etc etc) but they also have some pretty impressive surprises. For example their session with the elusive Daniel Johnston or the (arguably) even more elusive Brian Wilson.

It’s really interesting to see the different performers’ attitudes and demeanor. For example Brian Wilson finishes the song and immediately starts asking “you gonna drive us back to the hotel now” whereas someone like Wayne Coyne is laughing and chatting and making the driver take part in the song — acting almost like what you might except of a kindergarten¬†teacher.

Here come some links to a few of my personal favorites. Really the best way to find the good ones (and lose a sizable chunk of your day) is to just go to the website and start poking around.