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So I was looking for a pinhole camera to get Chris and I stumbled miraculously on Erin Paysse’s Etsy shop. Thank goodness for that, because I probably would have ended up purchasing some way inferior, less clever version of one of hers. I was lucky to live pretty close to Erin’s studio and got to meet her and pick out Chris’ camera in person. It’s so beautiful and takes stunning pics, even though he’s only just starting to use it.

At first, it is just a book with funny knobs. Then you look closer and it has some kind of shutter thing on the front and no pages on the sides. Well that’s because it’s not a book, but a handmade pinhole camera. And it’s awesome! Erin starts out with old antique books that she finds and guts them to build the inside of the camera. This is where the film sits, held by the two knobs which you can wind to get to the next clean piece of film. The knobs she uses are from old instruments and amplifiers. Every camera is completely unique not only in its looks, but also in the way the photos turn out. She is now selling them to Anthropologie and was just featured in Oprah Magazine.

Seriously, you need one of these. They will make you more interesting. Buy one here!