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These are some of the most simple and amazing videos I’ve seen. Everynone is a production company with a toe in each pond with an office in Los Angeles and an office in New York.

I’m sure that by now you’ve seen WORDS but you should really see their other work; at least watch an episode of ‘Everyone Forever Now’ off to the right there. The sense of timing, audio, and¬†cinematography¬†are really something you should take note of and would be wise to mimic.

Some of their vids remind me of my own that I used to make growing up, in the sense that there’d be a bunch of unrelated clips put to some music, but my clips were just of my friends and I running around being goobers and Everynone’s clips are all amazing!

Daniel Mercadante, one third of Everynone, has a collection of shorts called Routines which are so DOPE. They’re short enough so you can peep one while your mac and cheese is reheating, but be warned, you’ll want to show them to the nearest living thing, which could eat up considerable amounts of time.