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Marian Bantjes

This woman’s typography is best described as a visual aphrodisiac. I love how in a lot of her pieces she throws legibility out the window to make room  for eye pleasing originality. It’s something that seems so obvious a tactic to try, but it’s hard not to think, “people should be able to read this.”

There are so many different mediums present throughout her portfolio, it’s very inspiring to see that her unique visual voice is still present in each. It makes working with new tools a little less intimidating once you know how successful it can be. It also seems to ad a lot of variety even though it’s mostly in the same style, depending on the time of the project. Based on her work, she goes through phases of styles, like anyone else, and some of her work can look similar to others, but simply by using a different medium, the pieces are separated and become more unique.

She had her own design firm in the nineties and left it to pursue projects that she was more interested in. I always knew something great would come if I just left my job to draw pictures. What am I waiting for? Water you waiting for? Quit your job and draw a picture. What if your job is already based in illustration? Your head will most likely pop like a balloon BAP!

Be sure to check all the work from Marian Bantjes and be sure to peep her TED talk in the boot of this post :)