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You know when you see something so great you involuntarily shout obscenities? That’s just about what happened to me when my buddy at work, Eric, showed me the posters these guys make.

Based in Austin, TX, Mondo is laying some some amazing limited edition prints every so often, so you would be wise to check in w them periodically just incase they happen to make something that you can not live with out that is, at the same time, in stock. To myself I recommend going back in time and getting that There Will Be Blood print for Hamilton.

I did some digging and recognized that the three show stopping posters at the end of this post. After seeing these you can’t help but get fired up about screen printing!

The only thing that I have a hang up about is that they don’t do their own printing but rather have D&L do a lot of their prints. After some even further digging, I realized that D&L deserve their own BNB post, but after dig dig digging even farther, I learned that they’re based here in Seattle. I feel that I would be doing the readers of BossnotBoss a disservice if I did not bust my balls trying to get an interview with D&L. Would you guys be interested in that?

PS, that Empire Strikes Back print; are you kidding me? Can’t get enough of it