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Nook’s illustrations are breath-taking. His use of vector* mixed with 3d is seamless and inspiring. I’m a total sucker for images that have a story, but don’t give you enough to learn what that story is. Images like these leave it to your imagination to come up with what’s going on and in that sense these images are interactive. I submit that’s why they’re so strong and that’s why I haven’t been able to stop looking at them for 342 hours.

But that’s only on top of the already fine attention to detail making up these arresting images. You can’t argue with Nook’s sense of color and light. It’s like if Thomas Kinkade wasn’t a total asshole making his way into every “american dream’s” calendar, he’d be making work like this… and still probably trying to put it in a damn calendar.

Nook doesn’t limit his talent to mind blowing, jaw dropping, knee weakening illustrations. He goes on to do work in motion graphics and doing backgrounds for animations. And even though the backgrounds are less engaging, they’ll still put you in awe and make you weep just a little.

*Nook just emailed me saying that he actually doesn’t do vector; he draws in photoshop with a tablet :)