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Tiny Inventions

Yeah, I know this has been around for a bit, but it’s too dope to not have on here. Tiny Inventions has made something that really shows how real world craftsmanship still holds a firm footing the the digital world.

Based in Brooklyn, Tiny Inventions is the collaborative effort of Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, who seamlessly marry different mediums to create works that are consistently greater than the sum of their parts. Pushing the ability of digital to integrate the tangible, the work flow that these two have developed is most effectively described as a labor of love. Where most people may stop at the notion of “that’ll be too much work,” Max and Ru seem to not give a damn about the effort required and push through it which is very inspiring.

I have to think there there’s millions of great ideas out there, but only few swim on to fertilize the egg of fruition. So if you have a great idea, just get your ass in gear and make it happen. Just be sure to check with others along the way and make sure it’s a great idea. I doubt the world truly wants another Creed

Be sure to peep the making of Something Left, Something Taken at the end of the post :)