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Alison Scarpulla

“Professional dreamer and photographer.” This is what Alison calls herself on her Etsy account, where you can purchase wonderful prints of her work or beautifully handpicked vintage items. You can also go to her Shuttermade website, but I would take a peek at her Flickr first. This is where you’ll find the good stuff.

I really haven’t seen much photography that embodies the same feelings that Alison is able to produce. She is quite unique in the fact that (from what I can determine) she uses only film. I wouldn’t be surprised if she develops all on her own either. Double exposures and expired film are her bitch. Her models, who look like they are mostly just the people around her everyday, are persuasive and convincing. Her sets, which looks like they are pretty much just her backyard and the local beach, are mysterious, beautiful, and even creepy. There seems to be a heavy magical influence to most of her photos. Many of the pictures include witch paraphernalia like skulls, tarot cards, cloaked figures, spell-casting hands, etc. They are wonderful. The colors she achieves are quite brilliant and unexpected. I love the ones where the model seems to be interacting with the damaged film. I also enjoy the ones with the little girl and the hooded woman. Those ones especially creep me out. Well, I encourage you to view her Flickr. I guarantee you will look through the whole portfolio.