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Cris Benton

One of my favorite things is that Cris got into photography from a practical standpoint; to have photos as visual aids for his lessons at Berkeley where he’s a Professor of Architecture (title is in caps because it is awesome). But he pushed his photography further and developed it into a hobby and has created some truly amazing visuals.

It’s amazing to see the camera set ups that he uses and even more amazing that he builds them himself. Wouldn’t you feel like such a bad ass if you had sewn your own kite and rigged up this harnas for your camera and developed a remote to control the camera from the ground, and after all that, go out  to take beautiful photos?

I was facinated to learn that there’s actually a long history of kite photography and using kites as a tool to provide lift. The city line would be more stunning if there were colorful kites used for lifting on construction sites instead of cranes. Although they would have to be huge to do that sort of heavy lifting and probably blot out the sun which is the last thing we need durring these extended winter freezes. ( maybe you could argue that a heap of huge kite trains would help keep in heat )

Be sure to check out Cris’s flickr where you’re sure to find some gems not found in this post. Just make sure to bring a snack; the man has over 6,000 pics waiting for you