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Jennifer Sterling

You should already be familiar with this woman, who heads Sterling Design out of San Fransico, based on how much damn recognition she has. Her work is permanently displayed in many art houses around the world.

Typically I’d elaborate on feelings I’m filled with while finding the work, but a few minutes on Jennifer’s site and I’m left somewhat speechless. That place is weird, crazy, and I’m never fully sure about what’s going on. Partially because it seems and feels like a flash site from almost decade ago….ok, so that’s actually the case; little thought on UIUX but still worth a look.

Although She’s mostly known for print and product design, she’s got a bit of flash to share with us. Those first two flash bits- click and drag to interact w them- have to do with helping end AIDS, hence their caption: Help End AIDS. The next one, which you can also interact with, is a ‘make your own video’ bit of flash which you’re sure to enjoy.