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Michal Dziekan

This kid is rockin’ it correct from Warsaw-which is what I’m going to name my daughter- and is also renewing my faith in the Polish as a collective people.

Michal’s sense of color and light constantly get me like it’s my first time being introduced to beauty. His work is so diverse, I just want to go through it all for an eternity. It’s like Giger meets punk meets a sunny picnic and my bottomless eyes will never get enough.

He started as a texture and concept artist, but moved on to pursue motion graphics; that would eventually lead him to become an animation director and have him on his way to achieving his goal of making music videos.

He directed, designed, and helped animate the music video About Energocirculation and Happiness for L.U.C which went on the win the Best Polish Music Video of 2009 award. But he says that music videos aren’t needed as much as they used to be so his dream became simply a hobbie and he has now put more emphasis into building himself as an illustrator and character designer.

Due to the smash hit of ‘digital’ and ‘the internet’ the way people do business, develop skills, and strive for dreams is constantly changing and evolving, leaving some behind in the past (Raise your hand if you’ve read a frustrated tweet about spending hours reorganizing hundreds of sorts?). Although some things may be dated as a career, hobbies are timeless and should always be exercised by everyone. And some of you are lucky enough to have your hobbies as your career; for that reason you should be thankful and quit bitching.

If you still need more Michal, feel free to hit up his site and his blog where he gets into his process and the stories behind some of his work!