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Operation ID cd release show

A few months ago, Jared, the guitarist, asked if I would film OpID’s cd release show. Of course I said yes; how could I refuse an OpID show? Hamilton was filming as well along with a few other kids taking pics.

OPid played at the Chapel Performance Space and totally rocked it correct.  They just have this completely genuin sound which I’ve never really heard anything like before and seeing them live is something that anyone who can see should see. Something about how they get into their music makes me believe that they’d be acting the same way if they were just practicing alone in a bunker or playing to a crowd of 50,000. Be sure to keep an eye out for all the idiosyncrasies in each members’ moves.

You’d be smart to grab their album, LEGS, which our very own Hamilton Boyce helped to record and mix (tracks 4, 5 and 6)!

Peep their site for more on Operation ID and check out their label, Table and Chairs, for even more sweet sweet sounds.