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Rubber Stamps

If the whole business world just stamped everything by hand, we’d be much happier. Okay, that’s a little much. I know rubber stamps wouldn’t work for everything or everyone, but they are still a wonderful art. I have always loved stamps, even as a kid. We used to make our own by carving patterns and pictures out of soft erasers. And since then I have carved my own stamps for all sorts of things like, the covers of my high school yearbook, on a box for an advertising campaign, my own personal business cards, gift tags, etc. They are fun, handy, and irreplaceable. So, from left to right, including the first main image, these are hand stamped business cards from some great designers: Andy Luce, Megan GonzalezAdam Hill, Pablo Moreno, Gerren Lamson, and Sassen Design. It’s funny how most of them are circle logos. Circles are awesome!