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Picture 24

Stephanie Brown

“I think I’m about to throw up.” Well, that’s definitely not the feeling I get when I look at any of Stephanie Brown’s work. But it is the first thing you see on her website, which is pretty hilarious.

Stephanie just graduated from some art school (I don’t know which one) in Chicago, IL, which can only mean she’s gotta be amazing, because some of coolest painters have come out of Chicago like, I don’t know who, shut up. I just love the medium she works with. It looks like a lot of watercolor, some acrylics, and a little pencil and pen, especially in her sketchbooks. Her creatures don’t look real, but they act real. The emotion that she is able to create in their faces and body positioning are quite exquisite. I think the paintings of fish are my favorite. They are clearly dead, yet look completely alive. It’s disturbing. I don’t know where she gets her inspiration for the style that the dogs are in. I think I have seen something either in ancient Asian or European art that is very similar. Kind of reminds me of a book I read when I was a kid called “The Moon Lady”. Her sketchbooks are also wonderful. It looks like she is part designer, part illustrator, because that girl can type (draw typography, that is). I would give her site a look see, and also her blog, and also her Flickr. All are different and good.

P.S. According to Stephanie’s blog, she is apprenticing as a tattoo artist and has tattooed herself! Insane!