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The Ghosts

This friday night is gonna be special. Pull up your favorite guy or gal or gallon of (something funny) and get cozy to the lastest piece from Eddie O’Keefe.

This flick rubbed me the right way. It’s like Coven meets Cry Baby meets Cry Baby for a second time with all the perfect flaws of home movies. As soon as it was over, I wanted to watch it again, but instead went straight to tell you guys about it- then to watch it again.

One of the reasons I like this short so much is because it looked like it was probably a lot of fun to make! Just get some friends, few leather jackets, and a grown-up or two and have at it. Part of me wants to believe that these kids hang out in the 50′s all the time, only this time there just happen to be a camera.

Be sure to show Eddie O’Keefe some love on his site or on (at?) his blog, The Teenage Head