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I love 8tracks. They are my woodsy cabin while it’s snowing and a fire’s lit. They are my sunshine daisy butter mellow. I love 8tracks. I can find wonderful bands that I never would have heard otherwise. I can find new blogs to follow and new people to stalk. 8tracks is a musical Facebook.

You initially join to upload your oh-so-interesting taste of music to the general public so others can like it, comment on it, and share it. But you end up using it as a musical tool. I use it to find new music mostly. I type in a band and up pops 88 mixes with bands including Rainbow Arabia. I click on a mix that has an interesting cover. I listen to the first song and it sucks, so I go back and click on the next mix. And the next one is awesome. I write down two or three new bands to look up, I like the mix, and maybe I comment on it saying, “if this mix was a gorgeous man, he would have a very raw penis right now.”

I have also been intrigued by a new site that has basically stolen 8track’s idea, but instead making it an inclusive, snobby club. It is called Now, there is some decent music on this site and definitely better taste in cover art, for the most part. But it doesn’t feel as close and comforting as 8tracks does. I don’t have nearly as many features as I do with 8tracks, including their ability to search for bands and talk amongst creators and I can only listen to music, not upload my own. This is because they only allow invited designers to join their elitist website. Okay, I know why. It’s because it’s called I get it. You have to be a DESIGNER to join. Well, whatever. I didn’t come on here to talk about how much I dislike, infact I don’t dislike them, I’m just being the devil’s advocate. I mean, I’m a designer, and I’ll admit I tried to join right when I heard about it a few weeks ago and now they’re swamped with designers trying to join. HA!

Well I hope you will check out 8tracks and sign up. You can visit my profile here. The reason I am posting about this is because I thought that it was a more well-known thing, but people keep asking me what it is when I talk about it, so I figured I would make sure I covered all my bases!