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Evgeny Kiselev

It’s not too often that digital work moves me, but these digi-delights by Evgeny Kiselev are giving me the feel-goods inside.

The organic curves of whimsy in a dance with the perfection of digi-detail makes for a very effective contrast which delivers a broadcast to my brain that can only be fully received and confirmed with a retort of lust and a stare at a duration just long enough to be awkward for everyone within 5 feet.

It truly is no surprise that Evgeny has worked with an impressive handfull of clients, been published and an impressive handfull of publications, and still finds time to do an impressive handfull of personal projects (you can buy some of them for yourself here).

I would be curious to see the sort of work that would be coming out if it were less client based and more, for lack of a better term, PSA based. If these digi-deserts were trying to convey a message and a call to action (or lack of action, like driving drunk and raping people, as some PSAs tend to do). I’d love to see work like this with some substance behind it.