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Justin Kamerer

The first piece I saw of Justin’s was a one color poster that was letter-pressed (on the left there)— and I was hooked.

There’s an amazing attention to detail in these prints and I love that he uses letter-press for posters. It’s something we don’t see often enough as it is and Justin’s doing it in a format larger than a business card and that’s definitely worth getting excited about.

You’ll quickly find that his style is so ingrained that once you’ve seen a few of his prints then you’ve seen ‘em all. It says on his site, AngryBlue, that he “draws more skulls in a week than you have buried under your house.” Not much of a feat when I know there’s only six of the damn things down there. Had I taken residence atop the Seattle Catacombs, then this claim of achievement would have me in such a disbelief that I would suspect him to have no less than five arms and hands; there’s millions of skulls in the Seattle Catacombs. We went there for a 2nd grade field trip—skulls up to our waists.