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Kirupa has saved my butt at least one thousand times. If you’re new to flash or simply not very good at it, then this is where you’ll be spending most of your nights. There’s a million helpful tutorials and if that’s not enough there’s plenty of forums for you to dig through and find some other kid who’s had the same problem.

One thing that I can’t seem to ignore is that a lot of the forums are five or six years old – some even more than that. Is this a sign that flash is dying, that nobody wishes to learn flash any longer during these days of iPads and apps, or is it simply that everyone who’s interested in flash is already a master at it?

I for one still have a love for flash and love the feeling I get when my action script, that I grabbed from a ten year old forum, works just right.

It should be noted that kirupa does offer tutorials on programing outside of flash, but who cares about windows phone 7?