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A very strange, but beautiful short film. It made me giggle and it made me say “ew”. Every scene was created in miniature by a Brazilian studio called Animatorio. After watching, I highly suggest you see the making of video here.

What I really loved about this film was the obvious attention to detail and inspiring creativity that went into this project. The characters remind me of claymation in the awkward stiffness of their movement, yet it almost looks more organic and antique. Finding all of the materials used must have been really fun, not to mention actually creating the sets and weird creatures. If you watch the making of video, you can see the crazy robot they used to move the camera around the set. It was seriously crazy! There’s also some 2D animation used in some of the after production which is really interesting to see. Oh, and the soundtrack! So amazing! Really, just beautiful. Seeing this really makes me want to design my own mini sets and create my own film (if I only had the time, money, and equipment). I will watch this video at least 20 times in the next week, I just know it.