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SPORTS Interview

Our interview with SPORTS could have lasted forever if we weren’t careful. These three guys are super chill, down to earth, and hilarious.

We all met up at Matt’s (the bassist) apartment, and Ham and I were thinking we’d just ask a handful of simple questions, keep it short and sweet, but we ended up talking with them for almost four hours. Initially I was a bit intimidated, but it ended up being one of those times where, when it was over, you felt as if you’d known them your whole life. Times like that are rare and to meet with three guys who make you feel that way is even rarer.

SPORTS also managed to get all of their gear into the apartment┬áto lay down a couple of beautiful tracks for us, ignoring the agitated poundings of an unreasonable neighbor. There’s clips of the tracks in the interview, but be smart and check out the full performance of ‘Runaway‘ and ‘Prizefighter.’

Peep the entire album here and show some love by grabbing a copy of their cassette tape! You can pack it into your walk-man, clip it to your belt and rollerblade your heart out to it; that’s what I’ll be doing anyways.

(Photo by Hamilton Boyce)