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Taking about two years to make, Storm brings to light conversations that a lot of people have together at bars, family events, or, in this case, dinner parties.

The delivery of this poem does a wonderful job of capturing the skittish roller coaster of thought that occurs while you’re arguing your side and simultaneously keeping in mind how you are being perceived by those in periphery of the argument. I played it again only listening to the audio and it was still just as engaging.

However, don’t forget that the animation is still something to get your peepers on. Storm does an amazing job at capturing body language. You could look at a character at any frame and know exactly what’s on its mind. When people go so far as to pay attention to things like body language, it simply let’s you know there’s a lot of time and love put into the project. Just another reason to give some appreciation :)

You can learn a lot more about Storm here and grab yourself a temporary fairy tattoo to let others know how free spirited you are.