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The Curious Mystery

My main complaint for the newly released “We Creeling” is that it ends too soon. Released last month by Olympia’s K Records on vinyl, CD, and digital download (buy here), this record is one you’ll feel real good about having in your collection.

The Curious Mystery is fronted by Shana Cleveland and Nicolas Gonzalez who share singing duties and trade off playing totally righteous guitar lines. The lineup of the rest of the band has switched up but the record features the silky drumming of Kristian Garrard (who you may recall from our Thousands post) and psychedelic bass lines of Bradford Button, as well as really dope playing from a number of other guest musicians.

The recording was done at Dub Narcotic by Karl Blau, who is also performs with the band for a few of the tracks on percussion and vocals. (I recently mentioned Karl in another boss post as the bassist on the latest Earth record.)

You can listen to a few of their tracks on their website including a couple from their previous album “Rotting Slowly.” They’re also doing a big ol’ tour of the US of A at this very moment and they very well may be playing in your town tonight so check the dates on their site as well.

Totally insane and hilarious video of “Night Ride Reeling” (my personal favorite track on the album) by So Spun We Spun West who also made this video to the right of the song “Black Sand” (which is also conveniently my personal favorite from their “Rotting Slowly” album).

(Photos by me from their record release show March 11th at the Comet Tavern.)