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3-D Effects

First, the fact that you need an accessory to engage with 3D is bullshit. Perhaps I’m a little biased since I’m cursed with a lazy eye. Or perhaps this is just a form of FOMO? However, I’ve seen Avatar and two dimensions were bad enough.

I will say though, that 3D is nice. Nice like when the only adjective used to describe someone is “nice”, then you know you’d be fine never knowing them at all. What I’m saying is that 3D seems like such a waste of time to develop upon. Maybe in the 50′s when the first 3D hollywood movie came out, but 60 years later? Tablets that take 3D video is the new thing? It’s time to move on.

At the very least, holograms are what we should be looking into, and even this idea isn’t new. You all saw the voice mail from Leia for Obi Wan; that amazing idea has just been sitting around for over 30 years. Why don’t you have a holo-video playing from youtube on your iPhone right now? I ask myself this and wonder what companies have been working on this whole time… 3D TVs. But you and anyone who you want to watch it will need those sexy specs.

It would be more practical to use the technology in the context of conversation. The phone has been missing a key factor in human conversation: body language. There’s been millions of times when I’ve reworked what I was about to say based on the other person’s body language and I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing. When a girl you’re talking with starts playing with her hair or when you’re brainstorming ideas and one person is rolling their eyes at all of yours, there’s another level to the conversation. I know that there’s video phoning and face chatting, but there’s so much more than phones and I bet you can think of a few amazing ways to use holography.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll live to see the creation of holo-decks (and teleporting) and I can’t wait for flat video to become obsolete (until future hipsters adopt it because movies like Avatar have that dated vintage look).