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Beastie Boys Part II

Sorry this is so late. I’m sure everyone’s seen this by now. Well, you better have! However, we thought we should follow up on the previous Beastie Boys post. This video is really really long. I mean besides the fact that it is almost a half hour-long music video, it feels really long. I don’t know if it’s because of how it was filmed–really trippy and literally time bending– but the editing is extremely pushed to its limits. Overall, I found it pretty awesome. I mean, all of Hollywood is in this vid! It’s ridiculous. My favorite part is probably Elijah Wood. His role is so perfectly cast and he steals every fucking shot. I didn’t laugh a lot, which is what I expected after watching the trailer, but I was definitely captivated. The slow motion on half of the film and the extremely long pauses in between sentences and all of the weird unnecessary additions that really were necessary made this video a work of art.