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Upcoming Poster Giveaway!

BossnotBoss will be giving away an amazing 4 color, 18×24 print to 10 amazing readers.

I was asked to design a poster for the GIVERS Sasquatch show on May 30th at the Gorge by my boy, Aaron Bloom. These were printed by the Half and Half and I had extra prints made just for you.

Those of you who follow us on twitter will be notified the night before the giveaway happens so you’ll be able to get a running start on learning how to enter the contest.

This poster will first be shown as part of a collection of many other screen printed beauties for bands at this year’s Sasquatch! Festival. The poster Exhibition & Gala is on May 20th at Vermillion¬†Art Gallery & Bar here in Seattle and you can catch a preview of the posters involved here.

Hope to see you all at the show and I can’t wait to give out some prints to you guys :)

*Thank you, Selena, for helping in the shoot and a huge thank you to the Half and Half. There was very little trapping and they got the registration down with super human precision.