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I found this blog Monkrahwr detailing the hilarious shit that happens to this girl in California. She draws these super crude illustrations, probably in some Microsoft Paint software, to go along with her stories and they always make my day. I wish she would blog more often, because whenever I read a new one, it’s guaranteed I’ll have a better morning. Though blogging about funny things in your life all of the time can’t be that easy. I know that I couldn’t do it. Not only would I fail at continuously having funny things to talk about, but I would fail at being able to express how funny they were at the time. I am a terrible storyteller!

I also really love how she’s able to joke about herself. That’s also a hard thing to do sometimes. After looking at beautiful art so often, since that’s my job, it’s kind of nice to look at something so badly illustrated. Some amazing t.v. shows are done in bad illustration (though “bad illustration” is definitely based on opinion) like The Life and Times of Tim. Definitely follow her so you can read her next post! Though if I were you, I’d just go there right now and read all of her previous posts from beginning to end.