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The Go! Team

These kids out of Brighton are easily in my top 2 for fav bands, though the bands that populate my top 5 are dependent on my mood. However The Go! Team is always in the top  2–  always — and it’s internally conflicting when the top 2 constantly consists of The Go! Team & Grouper :\

How can you not be feelin’ good while you’re cranking this? When I get super down in frown town, I just throw on some Rolling Blackouts and shake my booty a lil’ bit. It’s all in their sound which is a harmonious mirage of street pump meadow groove which I’m not fully certain is a string of adjectives recognized by major music writers, but there it is.

Blast their sound on the left and peep their vids on the right (which are awesome and remind me of Wyatt’s video), and def check out their site (which I’m totally feelin’ the design of) for more goodies!

ps. Girl drummers are always BOSS.