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Andrey & Lili

I love this photography duo. They shoot fabulous fashion editorial right. Every time this Russian couple publishes a new project, I get really excited!

I am pretty picky about my Vogues and my W’s and my Nylons. I just think it all looks the same. It all runs together in a colorful skinny mess. However, fashion photography is kind of great. There’s no rules. Just show the clothes right and make sure the models are pretty and you can do whatever you want. There’s rarely a concept and when there is it’s not political or educational and definitely not trying to make a point. But, in its own way, it is such an amazing art. Who doesn’t like looking at a beautiful woman dressed up (or undressed) in magnificent clothing? It’s purely eye candy. And if you can afford it, just candy.

I do love these guys though because they break the boundaries a bit. They also do really tasteful nudity that is quite peaceful and secure feeling. It’s amazing to see the odd places they take the photography, immersing the models seamlessly into different cultures. Take a look at their portfolio to see many more amazing shots.