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I know working for Nike, HBO, and Rolling Stones must get pretty boring after awhile, right? Yeah, probably not. Boogie is an editorial and advertising photographer, but his personal work is truly my favorite. It looks like he travels around the world literally on a daily basis and uploads photos to his website almost everyday. You can actually see a photo he just took today in Thailand. It’s pretty amazing. His newest show Demons (over in a couple days) looks quite beautiful, and very different from his usual black & white film style.

What I love about this photography is that I really can’t picture myself in any of the places he takes photos. Crack houses, dark alleys of third world countries, strip clubs, on the street in the middle of the hood, etc. I just don’t often venture those kinds of places. So, it intrigues me even more. Well, it mostly makes me sad and scared, but also intrigued. Check out the rest of his work here.