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Daniel Danger

Yes. Let it be another screen print post! These prints by Daniel are not the typical show poster that you may be used to. These prints are so moody and dark; to learn that they’re screen prints almost startles you. They ought to be paraded around in a thousand cities and have people wonder in awe about what that big giant silhouetted dude is all about.

Perhaps you thought that a 12 color screen print was a lot, well get an eye full of that print with the ship on the wave with the spirits leaving the sea. 13 colors, forget about it. Is that print too cool for school? Hex yes it is.

I love how his prints are so enigmatic that curiosity about what’s going on in the image comes naturally. You just have to look into the details for any clues that could help you to figure out what this image is all about, and I think it’s important that print have this sort of aspect of time with it. You don’t just glance at these, you comb through the branches and along moldering house frames for any wisdom they may bear.

It’s no surprise that Daniel’s an artist given that his folks are one part middle school art teacher (the best kind of art teacher in my experience) and a professional potter. I didn’t even know that you could be a professional potter so I can only surmise that they were so good that you’d believe only an angel could have made them.

Hit up his site, Tiny Media Empire, for more of his work plus his paintings and peep what he’s up to.

ps. he also lit a giant guitar on fire :)