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Nicholas Max

I have to give this kid some massive props. Not only for his few works of amazing photography, but for his seamless Photoshop skillz. He is burnin’ the photography scene up! And then some more props for his super fast learning ability. This kid is gona be huge. I just feel it.

At first, I only saw a few shots I was totally into and I almost passed him up on Flickr. But then I saw that he had been only shooting for 5 months. 5 MONTHS. Are you joking me?? And he’s only 17 years old. I hope this isn’t just some spoiled rich kid looking for his next kick, but I guess it doesn’t matter if there’s raw talent involved. And you can’t deny that this isn’t talent. It’s a little hipster and a little easy, but who ever thought a Photoshopped tornado could look so goooood? Damn.

Definitely check the rest of his shit on his tumblr and Flickr and give Nicholas a lil’ shout out. I can’t tell what is his or not on his tumblr, but there’s some cool stuff on there anyways.

P.s. totally digging the square format.