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Road Trip!

We’ll be out for two weeks starting tomorrow, with our dear friend, Katie, to trek across a chunk of the USA. Peep the route, going counter clockwise, and let us know if we’re gonna be close to your town so you can offer up a place for us to sleep and give us your food :) Or just let us know of some dope spots we gotta hit up.

Why is BNB going on this epic interstate tour? Selena’s never been to New Orleans, so we’re doing that: Cajun style.

Don’t worry if you notice we’re not posting every day; that’s just how it is out there when you’re livin’ by the code of the road: miles from home, miles from friends, eat what you can when you can, and updating your blog is slightly less easy.

Planned stops:

  • Quest Field (my pa will be crossing a marathon finish line)
  • Canon Beach (duh)
  • Red Wood National Park
  • San Francisco
  • Austin
  • New Orleans