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Elizabeth Weinberg

My favorite season for photography is summer. It’s just so delicious with its sun flares and dripping ice creams and pastel fluorescents and cool, wet bodies. That’s why I love this series, Of Recklessness and Water, by Elizabeth Weinberg. Turns out, you can buy a perfect bound copy for just $15! That would be a great summer birthday gift.

What I truly love about summer photography though, are the water shots. Pictures of water can be boring, but they can also be absolutely amazing. It’s such a crazy element to shoot; constantly moving which makes for beautiful still shots and has so many depths that from close up it’s clear and from far away, it can be black as hell. Water, to me is one of the most graphic subjects to shoot. Besides, everyone always looks so happy when they are in the water :) Unless they are drowning :( Check out the rest of Elizabeth’s work here.