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Letraset Typography

Romping around on flickr, I came across this set of images, made with letraset, and was so excited, I got up and hit Selena in the face. I’m all over this dada-esque typography! (dada is the best style of design and if you don’t think so, I’m going to jump on you ’til money comes out.)

Donald Judd said, “design has to work, art does not” which is true dependent on your definition of ‘work.’ My instinct was to look as these as design, mainly due to simply lining things up, then I realized they didn’t ‘work.’ I wasn’t reading what the type said and, in the context of Judd’s quote, that puts these in the art category. Fuck that. You and I both know that these were made with design in mind and I say it’s design. Its purpose is to be eye candy and it WORKS!

I hope you guys are as pumped on these as I am and let me know your take on the differences between design and art.